Where does the name PABOOM come from anyway??
Well, we wish we had some cool, crazy story to tell you (and it's likely if you asked us this question in person we might just come up with one on the spot for ya ;) ) but we just thought of it, liked the sound of it.. and thus, PABOOM was born!

Something says SOLD OUT and I just can't bear it!! 
We know, its hard... you've fallen in love with something and it's painful when you can't have it. It happens, a lot of other people must have the same great taste you do and unfortunately we didn't have enough to go around :(
When we are able to, we will try to re-stock our most popular items. Keep checking our site/store, drop us a line for updates or sign up for our 'back in stock' notification on the product page.

How do I get my cards/my best pal's jewelry/next-door neighbour's handmade ceramics/my favourite brand into your shop?!
We are always stoked to discover & view new product lines & brands. However, we receive many submissions and catalogs and have a long waiting list of lines we are planning to add- all when time/budget/season allows.
If you'd like to send us a vendor submission, it's best to please send an email introduction to info @ paboom.com. If we feel it's something that fits into our current collection and is something we just gotta have, we will definitely get in touch!

Does PABOOM donate to local charities, non-profits and community fundraisers?
We sure do! We like to focus our donations on locally based, community-minded organizations and events whenever possible. Please email us with your donation request; if we are able to contribute we will get back to you. Please keep in mind we receive a high volume of requests, and while we would love to be able to donate to every worthy cause, we simply cannot. 

Working at PABOOM seems like a hoot! Are you hiring??
Oh, it definitely can be a hoot around here! Please check for current job openings here.