Paboom combines an eclectic variety of product categories and ideas in one beautiful and open space. We believe in the story and personality of the products that we carry and we are always on the hunt for exciting new designers and products that offer a unique energy to your home or space.
We believe that these unique products don’t have to be bank-busting, and we’re on a never ending search to find the coveted balance of great design, function, and price point. You will find your budget goes a long way at Paboom without having to compromise your taste.
Paboom offers a modern, clean and energetic aesthetic to showcase everything from jewelry, art prints, kitchenware, glassware, textiles, rugs, bathroom accessories, frames, decor objects, stationary, greeting cards, furniture, and many other items. Our ever changing product line can be browsed to great music, a relaxed atmosphere, wrapped up in a family owned local business in the heart of LOJO (The Lower Johnson Shopping District), downtown Victoria.
Paboom started as a mall kiosk in Mayfair Mall during the Christmas season of 1997. We were greeted to such a warm reception from that one season it encouraged us to open up our first location on Fort Street in April 1998.
In 2012, we were offered the exciting opportunity to move into a big, bright & beautiful heritage space on Store Street in Market Square and we couldn’t resist....
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