Resin - Hearth Collection Candle

Resin - Hearth Collection Candle

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Resin is earthy yet indulgent, decadent yet laid-back; let it teach you the art of going with the flow. Find the comfort in togetherness and the joy in small moments, because everything is just how it’s meant to be.

  • Top: Sandalwood, Coriander
  • Middle: Incense, Clove
  • Base: Earth, Leather

Feel warmed and welcomed by the graceful balance of spice and dry woods. Smoke notes evoke nostalgia, like that time you watched the flames dance across the fire against a backdrop of late night chats and laughter. A smooth blend that encourages feeling at ease.

  • 7 oz. glass vessel 
  • burn time: 35+ hours

All of Brand and Iron's candles are poured in small batches in their Vancouver studio. They use only the finest ingredients possible, without any additives, or harmful ingredients. Free from phthalates and petroleum. Soy wax is sourced from American-grown soy beans. It is clean burning, sustainable, and entirely natural.