Hairy Haggis Pouch

Hairy Haggis Pouch

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First there was the hairy potato pouch... now there's this amazing HAIRY HAGGIS POUCH! WOW! AMAAZZZZZING! 

If you are wondering "what the heck is haggis?" well, so were we... and then we googled it and it looked pretty gross so we forgot all about it. Cuz this furry pouch ain't no slouch, and he deserves better than being named after some very questionable British meat pudding (no offence to any of y'all out there that are genuine haggis fans). 

This utterly unique pouch has a zipper closure, self-identifying leather pull tag and lots of room for coins, cards, makeup, glasses, etc. Each one is totally unique and hand-made; no two hairy haggis' are the same, as if there was any doubt :)

Made in Scotland
Size: approx 23.5cm x 12 cm
Material: Genuine leather

All ARK products are made by a small family run manufacturer in Scotland. The leather is processed in their on site tannery and then cut and foil embossed to their designs. Because every piece is hand finished with embossing, each one is unique, lucky you!